March 30, 2023

WrestleMania predictions

WrestleMania predictions

Night one and my first show back

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This is my first show back.since podcast movement evolutions in Vegas! But not only have to deal with lossing my mentor JV due to Lyme diesee via suicide and jet lag and start of daylight savings time it is a lot. But the sheriff is thankfully back and we take on the grandest stage of them all ! Night one is coming!

Imagine laying in a hammock…

On the beach…

Drinking margaritas and flirting with senoritas :-)

(or senores for the ladies, haha).

All the while your bank account is growing on auto-pilot.

Welcome to my life!

It’s happening to average folks all the time because of THIS!  

See you on the beaches of the world.

Deshon porter 

Deshon porter

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