Oct. 9, 2022

What freedom of speech

What freedom of speech

There's no freedom of speech

So that's it I only going to advertise my podcast website because it have the affiliate sponsors on there and more being add I'm going to have to be forced to do ad reads because Facebook is making it harder for me to advertise I had a lot of post on the 8 that went against guidelines and for a person like me who loves freedom of speech that hurts it's either I can't play music on YouTube or Spotify even if the artist wants to be heard on my podcast now I can't run my advertising on Facebook without paying I don't have an advertising budget remember COVID? I'm still going to do what I can to make my own dreams come true but we're not in the same america that we was in we have some freedoms but not all and definitely not freedom of speech. So one website one place for everything if I'm posting my ads on Facebook.

I am an affiliate with a supplement business and they gave great products my favorite is liquid Daly it taste really good. I can see myself using it everyday. They also have postcards that you can mail to people the company is called the supplement grid they was on my podcast the big d zone on a segment leaders of tomorrow. Join me and let's make money together.  





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