Oct. 14, 2022

time to laugh Ducan Jay special second guest of new segment

time to laugh Ducan Jay special second guest of new segment

Comedy runs on Ducan

Well it's time to laugh once again even after two emergency phone calls long story story of my life. Anyway my second guest join me in welcome to the knighthood Ducan Jay comedy live on Duncan lol. Anyway he is promoting a very special comedy show taking him back and more a very good and entertaining storyteller. Anyhow please follow his YouTube channel today.



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it's time to laugh Duncan Jay comedyProfile Photo

it's time to laugh Duncan Jay comedy

Comedian promoter

Duncan Jay is originally from Alabama, he
spent a majority of his childhood in Florida and
a majority of his adulthood in New York City.
His southern charm mixed with sarcastic quick
wit leaves audiences laughing and realizing
Duncan's own brand of comedy Southern
Duncan is not the stereotypical Yankee and yet
he's not a stereotypical southerner either.
Duncan Jay has seen and done it all. He
possesses "southern" charm with a hint of
sarcasm, the wit of a street wise New Yorker,
with the likability of your favorite crazy uncle.
Duncan loves his audiences and audiences feel
that every time he takes the stage. His
grandmother always told him that "It's better
to be a smart-ass than a dumb-ass" and that
one phrase would haunt him for the rest of his
Duncan has performed in venues all over the
country from NYC to Florida, from Baltimore to
the buckle of the "bible belt." He has
performed family friendly shows as well as the
late night crowds in NYC. He prides himself on
being able to fit in everywhere. He has worked
in clubs and theatres all over the country with
comedians like: Dustin Diamond from Saved By
The Bell, Michael Winslow from Police
Academy, Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock,
Dave Attell from Insomniac, Mike Epps from
"Friday After Next" and Dave Chappelle…..just
to name a few!