Dec. 7, 2022

the prince court or the prince cabinet !

the prince court or the prince cabinet !

How I did week 13

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I officially have the prince court or the prince cabinet !

The names and office

Dr Irene first lady of big d county

President of big d county princess Karla

Secretary of state knick Denison 

Judge about to be elevated to chief justice of the supreme court of big d county

Big c sheriff 

Secretary of defence for big d county Adam the dark clown.

Secretary of comedy and education Cody smarts 

Intern governor of big d county Noah  

Prime minister Jared Easley 

Also how I did week 13 

Unfortunately no update on the support rant for the judge because meeting have been cancelled due to he have the stupid flu. 

Please help me as I get ready to move out of state in 2023


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