Oct. 22, 2022

Nuisance no freedom

Nuisance no freedom

State of emergency at place that holds second palace!

This is for awareness I case something bad happened to me as far as either lease or everyone loses a apartment.

Nuisance state of emergency at place that hold second palace 

The place that holds the second palace have been put a nuisance notice who knew I am really not interested in renewing my lease next week year in October 2023 because of this I be in .y apartment 247 unless I go out or out of town and when I get in trouble for reporting stolen food and then turn around every one is in danger of losing their apartments when inflation is making it harder for the poor and the middle class is just not right. Nearing spring or fall I'll be looking for another place for the second palace.  Would you like your business almost half built for you? One of my sponsor's trucker friends is getting into my mpgxtreme business. His wife wants to make money by promoting this, also. I think she'll do very well. If you want all of her business volumne under you, sign up today and I'll put her below you. Around 1/2 of your business could be built for you because this is a binary compensation plan.

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