Sept. 25, 2020

No freedom no money 💰

No freedom no money 💰
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I won’t be paying for services if I’m required to wear a ugly mask that don’t even work our own governor wore mask yet still got Covid. So mask don’t work! So if I’m not free to not wear mask you don’t want my money! What the 🐈 now Uber is policing mask less riders and drivers now I got the worst Uber email I had a great driver in St. Louis who was on my side of freedom. He didn’t like the stupid rule anyway either ! We’re losing our rights freedoms and don’t have a right to our own bodies and we’re forced to look ugly wearing mask ? Wow what a country ! Everyday I wake up it’s something!!!! And now governor is telling us how to celebrate a holiday?? Hey get real! The day we loose every rights and freedoms is the day I’m moving out of county to be like people live abroad. This is beyond going too far! --- Send in a voice message: