March 2, 2023

My mentor passed away

My mentor passed away

Had a nightmare and was called fake

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I found out my radio mentor that inspired me to do podcasting passed away. I have been called fake I just had my first nightmare of 2023 and it wasn't good. I was getting adaptive equipment to help me living alone the lady had to come back with her computer so she told me to leave door unlocked night before I heard someone knocking on my door thinking I was his girlfriend or something then next thing I knew the lady returned good thing I had life alert but it was too late for the cops to get to me scary part of dream the guy barged in my apartment unwelcome and I was telling the guy to leave I called the cops no answer my life alert went off called cops for me guy came in said I'm going to kidnap you as he started the process of the crime I woke up. I was just called fake.

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