Sept. 5, 2020

Mixed feelings

Mixed feelings
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Mix feeling today still excited about my move angry about what got me there frustrated over changing address at some places nervous about the feature hopeful that next year won’t be a scam great full for Jesus first then all of my citizens of big d country still I’m questioning the lord why I’m still here when the world is upside down and everyone is too busy to hang with you and I m stuck in a place 247! How can I do anything when I can’t drive ? And government forces to leave freedom alone? There have been times this whole year that I thought I didn’t belong here. I’m a anti masker freedom love Jesus believer all in a human body that make mistakes over and over again! You want someone perfect you won’t find it here! I have flaws like everyone else. This is my truth and I’m sticking with it! --- Send in a voice message: