Nov. 7, 2022

Wow the dark side of being disabled and being broke before election day.

Wow the dark side of being disabled and being broke before election day.

Wow I thought I was going to get a ride to early vote today before election day today to beat the crowds and it's my last election in Missouri as I'm definitely moving out of state in 2023 . But due to all of those dam emergencies being forced to go back and forth to my new bank and it forced me to rebook my las Vegas trip till March thank God I was able to keep same hotel I'm staying at I already paid the resort fees and it was comped because of my play thanks I'm able to go during podcast movement eveloutions. But here's the dark side of being alone disabled and broke before you are supposed to vote ! If I can't get a ride to the polls then I lost my voice before I leave Missouri!!! Here's the rest of my pain ! Bad news I might not even get to the   polls  if I can't get a ride I was just told I can't event get a ride for the last day of early voting the organization is trying to get a volunteer for me this afternoon so far no go. If they can't get me out today it tomorrow then I can't get to the polls at all! These are my fundraisers 


For my move


For going to podcast movement eveloutions


The cost of gas is at an all time high but if you want to get to and from work or If you work in your vehicle your just about forced to pay the high cost of gas right? Wrong !! there's a better way and you can help people! 


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Here is a simple way you can help them, and yourself! Hello deshon porter here again if you have any questions about MGP Xtreme my upline will be happy to answer your questions Ned can be reached at 

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