Nov. 17, 2022

Week 11 NFL pick up predictions and more thoughts

Week 11 NFL pick up predictions and more thoughts

It's too early to be winter!!! And there's no escape at all it's almost all over the USA !!!! 

Birthday redo is in full effect.  Plus early endorsement for president Trump's reelected for president in 2024 

week 11 

Thursday game
Heads Packers heart titans
Sunday 12pm 
 Head bears heart falcons 
Heads eagles heart cults 
Bills head browns heart
Panthers head ravens heart 
Raiders heads broncos heart
Cowboys head Vikings hearts
Steelers head bangels heart 
Chiefs head stupid chargers option .
Mon night
Cardnails heads 49 er heart's 
I'm moving to Texas or Florida in September or October of 2023 moving out of state will be expensensive please help me plus I have to visit apartment's 
I'm going to podcast movement eveloutions in March at las Vegas I already have hotel I need funds for flights reset fees and deposit for stupid incidentals