Oct. 11, 2022

My channel is dead and week 5 how I did.

My channel is dead and week 5 how I did.

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Well guess I do have something else to talk about during the podcast what happens when you lose your YouTube channel I thought I could restart same channel nope I got this. And my YouTube premium on the original channel was paid for the month well I'm forced to follow the channels over again! Dam.

Ok I think I know what happened remember I lost my YouTube channel because of crazy copyright strikes that they was given out like candy and to my older shows like when I lived in Mississippi and Springfield Missouri? Well today my channel got killed and not only that I was forced to reset my main goggle account! I can restart my channel from scratch if need to I will interview artist but can't play there music I'm not going through that nightmare anymore so much for the first amendment.What they trying to do extend my terrible weekend? It's a good thing I had a separate email address because now I have to wait 2 whole days to reset my stupid password on goggle my YouTube premium is on that email! It's how I relax! Ugh my YouTube wouldn't let me watch videos because it claims I turned off my account I can't remember hard passwords damnit. Now stuck waiting two days to reset my password on goggle! Story of my life. And week 5 of the NFL pick up include the bigdcountry invitational and a huge double down help me get 11wins and 5 loss for the week. You got to get to work every day right ? Long commute means a lot of gas pain at the pump ⛽ you don't want to give up your car what do you do? There's a way to my trucker friends your on the road working everyday to help us survive right! This product is also great for trucks as well. So keep on driving also you can make money sharing this with your friends family and other drivers . This is the solution! Take action now join either as a customer or a sales rep.