Oct. 7, 2022

Cardnails made it to post season and open thoughts

Cardnails made it to post season and open thoughts

First I talk about a sudden death of a wrestler name Sara Lee who passed away at age 30 full report here 


Then I talk about finally got a referral for traffic adbar and thank God ! Sometimes placing ads are expensive and can't find a lot of good free places to place ad but it's possible.  And the cardnails are in the post season but there in a very rough matchup with the Phillies. 

This couldn't wait until Tuesday. 

I am an affiliate with a supplement business and they gave great products my favorite is liquid Daly it taste really good. I can see myself using it everyday. They also have postcards that you can mail to people the company is called the supplement grid they was on my podcast the big d zone on a segment leaders of tomorrow. Join me and let's make money together.  






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